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Default Re: Mark Millar now snubbing Marvel Disney...?

Originally Posted by Saitou Hajime View Post
I don't understand why Millar (or every other detractor, for that matter) use the term "popcorn" as term of derision when referring to the Avengers while at the same time revering TDKR, itself considered a popcorn movie and equally silly in its own right.
Not to get all cliche but it is a different kind of "popcorn" flick. TDKR touched on a lot more issues than your average superhero blockbuster. It had a lot of social context and was less tongue in cheek than the avengers or most superhero films.

Not saying that's necessarily superior or anything and certainly every movie shouldn't try to be TDKR (or TDK) but that's why it escapes that term pretty much. A popcorn flick is at its essence you see it, enjoy it but don't spend too much time analyzing it.

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