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Default Re: Mark Millar now snubbing Marvel Disney...?

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
There was a lot more wrong with X:FC than its over-the-top misogyny, I agree. Shaw's plan to cause a nuclear apocalypse so that mutants could inherit the bombed out wasteland that remained was simply ludicrous. It's not like most mutants would survive the radioactive holocaust he was trying to create. Most villain's plots are ridiculous, but Shaw's was one of the weakest ever.
I would also list Mystique's odd changing allegiance. I guess in a way it makes sense because she dropped into Xavier's life instantly too (she breaks into the house and he decides to adopt her on the spot?) I put that down to the dumb decision to cram every detail of the X-Men backstory into one movie. Basically they felt they needed to go from "the beginning" to "here is where the first X-men movie starts". So Xavier and Mags became friends and enemies in the same movie instead of have a friendship which lasted a decade or more and might actually feel compelling and real. Mags had to get his helmet of course. Xavier had to lose his legs of course. Beast had to get his blue fur of course.

Sheesh....what's left to tell? I guess the next movie will be all about Xavier losing his hair...that's about all they didn't cover. (But naturally they had to put some jokes in about it) I think the writer was doing coke or something...slow down dude!

Oh...and though I really like Jennifer Lawrence....but I thought she sucked as Mystique. Give me Rebecca Romijn in that role.

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