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Default Re: How to defeat the villainous kryptonians?

Originally Posted by Binker View Post
BTW, just to clairfy: there is a scene where a ship is leaving Krypton, and that must be how Zod leaves in the first place (you have to remember that the ship that brought Kal-El to earth is in the Kent farm (from the SDCC trailer), still wondering how Jor-El appears on Earth, though). Perhaps the Phantom Zone doesn't exist in the MOS universe? If that's the case, then that would mean Zod would have to be defeated in some way that would mean he would never appear in the films again.
Originally Posted by Rowsdower! View Post
I'm thinking the Phantom Zone doesn't exist in this universe. I think that's why Zod has a ship. I figure he used it to escape from Krypton and that's why he's still alive with Faora (and possibly his crew) while all the other Kryptonians are dead. The Phantom Zone was really just a clever plot device to keep a few Kryptonians alive, so if they escaped Krypton some other way, there's really no need to include it into the story.
There were reports a few months back where it was supposedly revealed at an official Warner Bros. Expo, showing designs from the film, on how thereís a spaceship called the ďBlack ZeroĒ (or something to that effect) that acts as a space prison, in which Zod and Faora are confined into. I canít remember if it was said that Zod and Faora escapes and takes control of the place or if it was just speculated, but assuming if this is all true, then that would explain on how Zod and Faora both survived Kryptonís unfortunate fate and had amassed a great deal of alien weaponry at their disposal.

In regards to Jor-elís appearance on Earth, I think thatís just a hologram of him.

Originally Posted by DaJanksta View Post
If the Phantom Zone doesn't exist then I'm really curious about the scene that was in the CC trailer showing supes in a pile of skulls. Maybe the phantom zone is on the space ship in some way. I don't know.
It could just be a dream sequence that Clark has; regarding either Kryptonís fate or Earthís potential fate if Zod is successful in his campaign against it.

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