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Default Re: The Warriors 3 Thread of T:TDW

I am interested in knowing more about each of the Warriors Three. There's not much on the Marvel Wikia about them. I'm hoping knowledgeable members can help me!

I had an exchange with BigThor (apparently in one of the other threads, since I don't see it here) in which he confirmed that Hogun is a master tactician. I gather the other two are not. Do they have areas of combat in which they are especially strong?

The Wikia says that Fandral is a master swordsman. Does he only use that weapon?
For Hogun, it says he prefers the mace. But it sounds like perhaps he uses other weapons.
Have we seen them use other weapons?

I know that Volstagg has a wife and quite a brood (judging by the November, 2012 _Journey into Mystery_). That would make the deleted scene from Thor1, in which he retrieves a ball for a kid, particularly fitting.
I have the impression that Hogun is not originally from Asgard. What is known about his home? Have we met anyone else from his home in any of the books?

What else is known about the characters' personal lives?

Aside from Grim, Dashing, and Stout, how would you describe them? What are their personalities like? We get a glimpse of each one in the movies, but not much.


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