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Default Re: Ultimate One Universe RPG: IC Thread

Originally Posted by Byrd Man View Post
[/FONT][/COLOR]"If either one of you wish to say goodbye," Charles said to the Russian siblings, "Now is the time. It may be quite sometime before you see Odessa or Mister Wisdom again."
"Thank you, Peter", Illyana smiled as she wrapped Wisdom in a hug.
"You've helped us both so much."

"It's been my pleasure, my dear", Peter replied as he returned the embrace.

"Piotr", Peter spoke as he shook Colossus' hand.

"Thank you, Peter, for everything."

"Was nothin'. Just happy to help."

"Take care, the both of you"
, Wisdom said as the four departed.

Originally Posted by Byrd Man View Post
"Not bad," Charles said into the microphone.

"Not bad?"
Kitty, who was to his right, asked with an arched eyebrow. "Dude, uhh, I mean sir, did you just see what I saw? They kicked butt."

"I agree with Kitty," Illyana said from behind the two of them.

"Yes, they did kick butt," Charles said with a small smirk. "But, they also got lucky. Their scores are still below what my...," he trailed off, his thoughts turning to the other students. "They're still lower than they should be."

Charles typed up another scenario into the Danger Room's computer and turned the microphone back on.

"For this one, I want Logan to remain out of combat. He will command, and everyone will follow his every order, but he is not allowed to directly take part in the scenario."

The scene below shifted to dark corridor inside a military facility. Somewhere, a kalxon blared out an intruder alert.

Piotr heard the faint clanking sound of something bouncing on the metal floor over the din of the alarm. Spinning his head around to see what it was, Colossus' eyes went wide as the grenade bounced into their midst.

Without thinking, Piotr dove onto the device as it exploded. The force of the blast blew him back a bit, but his metal skin had not only protected him from the blast, but his teammates as well. was a concept Piotr was still getting used to after having it pretty much be just he and Illyana through the past years.

"Are you hurt?"

"", Colossus answer the concerned Fire, "it will take more than a little toy to damage my skin."

"You may get your wish", Animal Man stated as a group of soldiers decked out in high-tech body armor appear down the corridor with a massive cannon, aiming it the mutant's way.

"Uh, Logan?"

"Take the risk of thinking for yourself, much more happiness, truth, beauty, and wisdom will come to you that way."
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