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Default Re: One Earth: The Marvel/DC RPG

On the flight towards the west coast, I review the film of the sighting of the Skull in LA. He's boarding a plane to Colorado. He has a fake face on, but it's clearly him, and the SHIELD computers back that up through calculations.

"What's he want with Colorado?" I ponder to myself, before I get another ping on the information stream.

I look up to see Agent 13 looking grim, "He's been sighted at a NASA facility outside Denver."

"What the hell does he want there?"

"Me," I respond, closing the computer.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, he wants me. He's clearly trying to be noticed," I conclude. "That's the only reason he'd be this visible. Skull was one of the greatest stealth agents of the war. The only way he'd be seen is if he wants to be seen."

"What if he thinks his fake face will hide him enough?"

"Unlikely. He's too smart for that."

"So what do we do?"

"I go to the installation," I say, formulating a plan. "You get Fury and the rest of the team out here and get ready to evacuate the city and help me out if need be."

"What!?" Allen asks angrily. "No way, we're going in with you."

"No, you're not," I say forcefully. "You go and all hell breaks loose, and we could lose Jay. Once I have him, you guys can come in for the assist."


I stride confidently towards the NASA facility, which is now obviously guarded by HYDRA guards. As I get close, I see Skull standing with his arms behind his back, "Well hello Captain. So good to see you. I'm happy to see you got my message."

"It wasn't like it was the most subtle thread, Schmidt," I smile as one of his goons takes my shield from me. "Where's The Flash?"

"Oh, I assure you Mr. Garrick is very much alive," he smiles that grotesque smile of his. Most people wouldn't be able to recognize it, but I've fought Skull so long that I can tell when he's trying to smile. "But I think we should have a chat first, don't you?"

He, a few guards, and I begin walking through the facility and Skull begins talking. He always liked to talk, "You've woken up in a world that doesn't understand you, haven't you, Captain? I see it in your eyes. I see the weariness. I see the confusion. You left a world that honored and revered its heroes. You now live in one that fears those that can inspire them. That distrusts their deeds and looks for ulterior motives."

"It's still my world, Skull," I respond, not letting him get to me. "And these are still my people. They just need to be reminded."

"You think it's that easy, but I've watched their fall. I've watched the moral decay of society, and I know the human race is beyond saving. Which is why we intend to rule them."

"You say we as if it isn't just you."

"Maybe it isn't," he says, the same evil smirk on his face.

"So when did you take over the facility?" I ask. If I can stall long enough and get him to reveal Jay to me, I can try to get my friend out by the time the team shows up here.

"Months ago," he responds, obviously proud of that fact. "I wanted to show that I could do it right beneath their noses. Having it beneath yours is just icing on the cake. We've had the scientists sending back phony reports to Washington which placates them while we do what we were really here for."

We reach a large set of double doors, which he swings open, revealing a bright blue light from inside. We step into the large room, and what I see takes me aback. There, in the middle of the room is a large, circular, glass cage. Inside, running at full speed is Jay.

"What are you doing to him!?" I say, turning to Skull. But as I do, a series of tranquilizer darts hit me, enough even to make me woozy. I hit the floor, and am dragged over to the machine, the Skull presenting it like it's a masterpiece.

"Do you know what this is, Captain? No, of course you don't," he says, and I can still understand him even in my current state. "This fantastic machine collects all the energy from you friend's running and collects it over here."

His hand hovers over a clear box, the source of the bright light, "For decades I searched for the device that would give me dominion over man. It was maddening. Until, that is, I was given the plans to this beauty. Finally, a way to hold all the energy of the Universe in the palm of my hand. And when it was finished, you had returned. And I saw my opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. And now here you are. Captain, you will be witness to the changing of the world. You will be the first change of the new world order."

He opens the box and pulls out a luminous cube, holding it up like Excalibur from the lake. The room begins to swing as the tranquilizers begin taking a hold of me. Skull kicks me in the stomach to keep me awake, "Oh no. You don't get to sleep through this, Captain. I want to watch as your body fades into nothingness. I know you thought you'd be able to get out of this one. That your team would show up ready to save you and your elderly superhero friend. But this time there is no team to save Captain America. No friends to lead into glorious battle. There is only you. And you have failed."

He holds the cube in front of my face, and the world around it stretches and shrinks simultaneously, the colors blend into a psychedelic collage, and as everything begins swirling, I pass out.


"How in the blazes did he get here?" a man's voice reaches my ears, as if from somewhere far away. A slight, rhythmic buzzing sound goes back and forth over me.

"I told you, he just popped onto the floor out of nowhere!" a female responds to the man.

"And I told you that's impossible," the man responds, his voice becoming clearer. "You can't just appear here when we're traveling through the vortex."

"Is he alive?"

"Yes he's alive."

I let out a groan, and feel the woman jump back.

I open my eyes to see a peculiar man going over me with some sort of green light. He looks at me and gives me a smile, "Ah! Hello there. Well, uh, yes. You're here. Welcome!"

"And where am I?"

"Well, sir. You are on..."

"...the TARDIS."

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