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Default Re: The INTERVIEWS Thread (Cast and crew)

Originally Posted by BMM View Post
It's good to finally hear from one of the First Class leads, particularly McAvoy. I'm really interested to see where they take Xavier in the sequel. I hope we hear more from the others soon and hope that Byrne and Jones not being contacted yet doesn't mean they're out.
Sad to hear we've got to kiss those lovely locks goodbye but excited to hear that Charles will be in a bad place. I'm assuming JM is saying this based on what he knows about the script so far, and not just speculating. I hope that's the case anyway! It is honestly the first good news I have heard about this sequel, that they are taking Xavier's tragedies into account. I was 99.9% sure they were going to skip all of that "emotion BS" in favor of making a BIG ACTION MOVIE without character development (see: Avengers). If I wanted to see a Charles totally "okay" or "used to" being in a wheelchair, a Charles who has already dealt with the loss of his sister and best friend to the dark side, I'd just watch the old trilogy.

They ended XMFC with three (four?) characters in grief. They've got to deal with that in the sequel. I want to see some characters get legitimately, humanly angry at each other for what they've done. I still think this will turn into a Wolverinefest (ugh) but surely he can step OUT of the shot for a few minutes to give the new crew some emotion time.

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