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Default Re: Actors from original trilogy on First Class sequel with Days of Future Past - Par

We may not even see Cerebro In film.

I think we are looking out 3 or 4 to join Patrick Stewert,Ian Mckellen,and
Hugh Jackman for future scenes with 1 or 2 as possibly cameos If they have
an ending where time traveler sees a different future at end where the future with Sentinles has been avoided

Halle Berry
Anna paquin or Ellen Page(I think Anna Is more likely but Ellen could still be used)
Rebecca Romijn
If Is 4 others then maybe also Shawn Ashmore or Daniel Cudmore(If Anna
Is In film then considering the role Iceman played Shawn Is more likely)

If there Is cameo at end then we can also see Famke Janssen or James
Marsden or both.They might also use ending to set up a full X-Men sequel with original cast.

Days of future Past Is both X4 and first Class2

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