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Default Re: Mark Millar now snubbing Marvel Disney...?

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
Everything they did with Mystique/Raven was absolutely wrong, starting with her mysterious appearance in the Xaviers' kitchen. The film never even took a stab at explaining how a naked 8-year-old girl ended up breaking & entering at a Westchester mansion. Where she came from and how she got there were matters left unexplained, as was the reaction of Charles' parents to the strange child they were suddenly raising.

The sibling relationship between Charles and Raven must have made some sort of sense to the writers, presumably, but in light of Mystique's appearances in the other X-films it was really jarring and nonsensical. Xavier and Raven had no relationship at all in the other movies except as adversaries, yet we were supposed to accept them as brother and sister in X:FC? It felt like that relationship was created to set up Raven's betrayal of Charles and cast her later actions in a more sympathetic light. That relationship didn't make sense and is one of the reasons I can't view the movie as a prequel to the X franchise instead of a reboot. (The appearance of a teenage Alex Summers in the early 1960s, well before his older brother was born, is another.)

The makeup for both Raven and Beast was so horrible that I could hardly believe they used it. It was like the director decided that they could get away with using faux fur and Silly Putty without anyone noticing.

As for Charles and Erik, I guess they were friends for five minutes and enemies forever. Before X:FC, they were portrayed as two men who had enjoyed a long friendship before growing apart due to their differing approaches to the thorny issue of human/mutant coexistence and mutant rights. Had their relationship been handled that way it would have given depth and nuance to the film. But their differences were presented in a very simplistic, black and white manner where there should have been shades of grey.

The writers wanted us to see Charles as being in the right, but his attitude towards Erik's vendetta against Shaw was hard to take. Charles' insistence that Erik was wrong was arrogant, while his desire to work with the government seemed delusional. Trying to protect a Nazi who had murdered Erik's mother before his eyes made Charles look naive, foolish and judgmental. Using Cerebro to hunt mutants for the CIA is the equivalent of Harriet Tubman using the skills she gained organizing the Underground Railroad to track down escaped slaves for their masters. Given Charles' reckless actions, I thought that Erik was justified in breaking away from him. The writers should have explored the problematic aspects of Charles' cooperation with the government and its danger to mutantkind rather than plowing ahead with the "Charles is good/Erik is evil" dichotomy they were so wedded to.

For all the raving I heard about X:FC before seeing it, I had expected it to be far better written and acted than it was.
Agree with everything you said. The movie really went over well with most people though. I'm just out of the loop on this one.

I REALLY think it was a mistake to not let the Xavier/Erik relationship breathe for at least one whole movie. The first three movies gave me a sense of a long friendship which instilled an affection toward one another that endured through their differences. (Not to mention we actually SEE Xavier and Erik recruiting Jean Grey later in X3)

Gotta wonder how Xavier would be trusting the government in X1 after this movie. Magneto was right in XM:FC.

Like you, I was appalled at the makeup too. Errgg....that was bad.

The only thing I really liked were the performances of James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender.

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