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Default Re: The True Tony Stark

Originally Posted by Doc Samson View Post
It's strange, when I first heard RDJ was playing Stark, I knew it was going to work. At the same time, I knew it would be how it is, with RDJ basically playing himself instead of Stark from the comics.

I think this goes pretty much for the whole MCU, but the majority of the portrayals are a bit lighter than the comics I read growing up. Stark in particular was a jerk, and not in the RDJ idiosyncratic, cool-nerd vibe, he was just a complete a**hole.

However for the movies, I think Robert injecting a lot of his actual personality (the staccato way he speaks for instance) makes the character pop a little more on screen then he might otherwise. I knew for sure the inherent "coolness" of the suit would draw people to the franchise, if they handled it right. But getting RDJ and allowing him to, essentially, be him, has drawn the public to the man outside of the armor. And making that guy interesting (or any civilian alter-ego for that matter) trumps just about anything else in making a superhero movie work.

Completely agree; before the movies, I had no interest in Stark, he was just an unlikeable douche IMHO; RDJ turned him into my second favorite hero.


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