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Default Re: A Spider-Woman film?

I do too. Mostly because the idea of Ghost Rider seems too out there for a movie. He is a spirit of vengance? Cool. He has a flaming skull? also cool. He rides a motorcycle and wears biker gear? Why? And then they watered it down for the theater and then they darkened it but not much or something.
But her movie would be more down to Earth. A woman who has these special powers is recruited to be a Spy, but then she becomes a double agent when she spies for against her own agency and then becomes a triple threat. I just mean the whole Mission Impossible Spy idea plus super powers. Which also make sense. In a world where the Avengers exist, and SHIELD exists, why not super powered spies? It follows logically.
Plus the audience has MI 1-3 to go off of and the other superhero films. So its not too out there either. Her costume would be altered somewhat though. But I can see this working.

Her story also seems a little easier to get across the the public than a Wonder Woman movie, although with the New 52 changes to Wonder Woman her new story is getting easier to tell. But the Spider-Woman story would be pretty easy, there was that film Haywire too recently and La Femme Nakita (spelling?), and various other female spy films.

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