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i absolutely LOVE this game. i like how it has CoD-esque features to it with multiplayer while still holding true to the Halo part. multiplayer is definitely my favorite part of the game. and Spartan Ops as well. the only complaint i have is that i miss the Halo: Reach armor and how they all looked. i mean, the H4 armor customizations are cool, but i dunno, i guess i preferred Reach's.

the story is ok to me. i wasnt too thrilled about brining the Chief back. i hear that H4 is only the first of a new trilogy (not surprising) but i cant help but wonder, "What more could they possibly add onto this game??" more weapons, perhaps, but i think that what they should do is make the story part of Halo's next few games downloadable content instead of making a whole new game for it. i mean, does anyone else ever think about what else they could do to add onto the game without totally screwing up the plot of the campaign?

i'm sure i'll be eating my own words by the time Halo's 5 and 6 come out. but for now, i can just say that H4 is amazing.

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