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Default Re: The INTERVIEWS Thread (Cast and crew)

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
I wouldn't put a whole lot of stock In first Class actors saying they haven't been contracted.I am sure Patrich Stewert and Ian Mckellen's I know nothing
comments are because Bryan Singer told them to say nothing.Bryan Is often known for secrecacy on these films and he often succeeds In doing It.Now with Rose Byrne there Is question of Is Moira even In film.But,with Caleb Laundry Jones I am betting he was told to say nothing.

Now the Intresting things In interview

1:It appears SImon Kinberg Is film's sole screenwriter and Matthew Vaughn(and possibly Jane Goldman as the X-men films wiki page says) and story writer
2:James says Xavier going bald Is part of plot.That suggests the time travel In film could be cross between original DOFP storyline and Wolverine and the X-Men and has Xavier changes mind beween past and present and side effect Is losing hair In First Class era.While It's possibly Xavier overuses his powers trying to stop Magneto's assassination plot that It causes his hair loss.Xavier going bald as part of plot to me raises possibilty of Xavier switching minds as the time travel
3:Total Film apparently confirms Jason Flemying Is returning.the actor himself has hinted at that and with Vaughn still Involved somewhat as producer(although we don't know how much Involved he Is) that was likely.

Wolverine Is going to play an Important role In film.This defently Isn't a cameo.Hugh Jackman was confirmed before several of the first class actors
were.Now Bryan may have done It because the hOllywood reporter leaked Hugh was In talks but still.But If the james Interview Interview hints at the Xavier mind switch as time travel as I think It does.Wolverine will only be In the future scenes.That also hints at DOFP going back and forth between past and future and the mind switch happening midway through film.
Again MR you need to proofread what you write. Are you saying Simon Kinberg is the sole writer or NOT the sole writer? On paper he initially was but we know for a fact that Singer has helped write the script and with any luck some of Vaughn/Goldman's contributions have also stayed intact. I imagine all 4 will get script credit, or perhaps everyone but Singer.

Thought the humor in X2 fell flat besides a few moments. Def not the films strong point
Agreed. I'm actually having trouble remembering moments that really made me laugh. It definitely got a few "hehs" out of me but every humorous moment felt very much like a neon sign that said LAUGH HERE (same is true for X-Men 1). Nsync on the radio? LAUGH HERE! Logan teaching art? PREPARE TO LOL, folks! XMFC had a better handle on making the humorous moments organic and unexpected. Even little things like Sean telling Erik to "back right off" in the plane, a nice callback to when he pushed him off the satellite, and even that satellite scene itself the little line Charles says to Hank ("say nothing") is so great and well timed.

I hope Singer has matured enough as a director and has enough faith that his audience will get the humorous parts without being given a roadmap to them. And I do hope we get a little bit of light-heartedness from Charles. I want him to walk through the fire, but I can't see him completely shirking off everything he was before and turning into (BORING) oldCharles. Not yet.

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