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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises - Home Video (Blu-Ray/DVD) Release Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by kguillou View Post
Yeah i'd LOVE to see a retrospective commentary from Keaton about playing Batman back then. Jack Nicholson seems to love talking about playing the joker but Keaton seems to shy away from that role. I'd also love a retrospective documentary about how Schumaker drove the franchise into the ground (although they'd probably never admit that) and how they had to ressurect it with Nolan.
I have the box set of the Burton era films. In the Forever/&Robin docs on those discs Schumacher does basically apologize for the films (moreso &Robin) and pretty much says that by that point, the studio was forcing him to make the films their way, which was essentially as 2 hour toy commercials.

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