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Default Re: The INTERVIEWS Thread (Cast and crew)

Originally Posted by blueserenity View Post
Agreed. I'm actually having trouble remembering moments that really made me laugh. It definitely got a few "hehs" out of me but every humorous moment felt very much like a neon sign that said LAUGH HERE (same is true for X-Men 1). Nsync on the radio? LAUGH HERE! Logan teaching art? PREPARE TO LOL, folks! XMFC had a better handle on making the humorous moments organic and unexpected. Even little things like Sean telling Erik to "back right off" in the plane, a nice callback to when he pushed him off the satellite, and even that satellite scene itself the little line Charles says to Hank ("say nothing") is so great and well timed.
There were a few scenes that got a laugh from me. I thought Nightcrawler had some great moments in X2 that completely fit his character when he would remind people what he was called in the circus. That got me to laugh, as did Colossos tossing the guy through the room and Wolverines reaction to Deathstrike.

I agree, the humor feels completely set up in X2. Not asking for full on laugh out loud humor, but it needs to be represented naturally. Which is what I dug about FC for the most part. The characters had more layers to their personality.

Overall It added something that wasnt really there in the previous films. Both films have their strengths and weaknesses. A good balance should work out solid for DOFP.

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