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Default Re: Characters you'd like to see in future Avengers movies?

Brief note on the non-Marvel-owned properties...

I would love for Spidey to be in the MCU in some capacity. Alas. Same for the FF, but obviously not as part of Avengers, proper, but in some kind of collaborative role. Then again, if Marvel had the rights to the Fantastic Four, a GotG movie would never have been made. Hmmm.

Also, I don't much care for the rigid Avenger/not Avenger dichotomy. I like to think of it more like individuals/characters that 'exist' in the MCU, who might need to fight alongside a larger group if the level of threat warrants it.

So, I don't care if Spider Man is a 'card carrying' member of the Avengers or not. It just could be that he's needed in a particular situation and is called upon to save/fight someone or the other.

Also, no X-Men. None! The concept of mutants as part of a greater Marvel universe is problematic enough. The concept of mutants as part of a greater Marvel universe and not to have acknowledged them yet is quite insane.

But I digress...

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