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Default Re: Rank every comic book film - where do the Spider-Man films fit in?

Originally Posted by Picard Sisko View Post
If the original timeline counts in this series, then the continuity is already messed up. The Wolverine cannot take place after X3 and be a part of the First Class series.
While any one can agree the continuity is ****ed up, and it wasn't just because of X3 since First Class is contradicted at times with even X2, can make sense as First Class is set primarily in the 60s and X-Men Origins: Wolverine is primarily in the 80s, so that could be a reason how Wolverine shows up in his cameo for a bit in a bar and The Wolverine is set after X3's events. Or, perhaps Singer is having the original X-Men trilogy as canon for some odd reason and just tossing out what kind of established "continuity" X-Men Origins created.

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
You're going into territory the movie doesn't even cover. Gordon could have, but it's not the impression he gives. He's desperate to act before the people blow each other up. That's what we're shown.

You can theorize what Gordon might have been feeling all you like. I'm not discussing conjecture.
And while I am theorizing for a bit, I understand Gordon is trying to act before anything bad happens.

Of course. But in this situation he was as certain as the Joker was that the ferries were going to blow.
He wasn't as certain as Joker as he also mentioned that Joker could blow them both up. He's looking at all outcomes while Batman wasn't as he had amazing faith over Gotham City's citizens, even the criminals.

Again that would defeat the whole entire purpose of the experiment. It's like you missed the point Joker was trying to make here. He wasn't blowing them up just for giggles. Blowing them up before midnight serves no purpose at all. The only reason he had to blow them up was for punishment if they didn't blow each other up by midnight.

"At midnight I blow you all up. If however one of you presses the button I'll let that boat live"
Do you really think he would really let the other boat live, though? I think Joker could have very well destroyed both boats as much as he pleased since the one person who did live from an earlier situation, Harvey, was soon corrupted. It's as if that, yes, Joker does everything "just for giggles" and would have easily just pressed the button to destroy both boats if it came to a moment where he had to.

Whether he loses against Batman or not, it makes no difference for two obvious reasons;

1. He still finds out one way or another if the people will blow each other up or not

2. He still has Harvey as his ace in the hole. His whole battle for Gotham's soul did not rest entirely on this ferries set up, as he pointed out clearly in the movie
And this brings up a question I have always had...if Harvey was Joker's 'ace', why even do this experiment? What was the point of the experiment at all since Harvey was Joker's 'ace in the hole'? I always wondered that. Is that just plot filler since Joker already got his latest trick, Harvey, shooting off bad cops and mobsters?

The difference is Bane didn't need 5 months to instill false hope into Gotham. Mere weeks would have achieved that. Joker on the other hand gave the people on the ferries a mere 30 minutes to decide if they wanted thousands of deaths on their hands. That's a tiny amount of time to decide if you want to take thousands of lives.

Makes a lot more sense than what Bane was doing.

It's got nothing to do with liking the idea. I'd like the idea just fine if it made sense to drag out the siege for 5 months. But it didn't. What difference does it make 5 weeks or 5 months later to blow up Gotham?
Mere weeks could have done the job, but five months just shows how Bane was fine with waiting until the countdown gets down to zero without pressing the trigger. He was in no rush having the idea that Bruce wasn't strong enough to climb the Pit.

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