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Default Re: BATMAN REBOOT: your personal preferences?

The Batsuit should be cloth. Sort of like a ninja's outfit with the Batman Beyond cowl. The cape could be used to rob shooters of a clear target. The batarangs could have a Fear Gas-like component that causes those who inhale it to see an inhuman monster.

Batman himself is more an urban ninja with excellent detective skills. Our first freak villain should be the Riddler. From there we can go into Scarecrow, Poison Ivy and Mr. Freeze. A mysterious figure known as the Red Hood should have some connection to the villains. Not as their creator, but a connection all the same.

The Riddler--A deranged social Darwinist with an inferiority complex. Riddles test the worthiness of an individual for survival.

Poison Ivy--The head of a South American drug cartel. She trafficks in marijuana, other drugs, and in the human sex trade. At her compound she experiments, creating plant/human zombie things that serve as her personal guard. They can disguise themselves as humans and she sends them as her personal emissiaries to high profile clients.

Mr. Freeze--He's pretty good as is.

Killer Croc--A veteran who lives among the homeless as their protector. He goes to war against the Penguin's weapon smugglers who're using his tunnels to transport their munitions.

Originally Posted by Toll The Hounds
“Evil is nothing but a word, an objectification where no objectification is necessary. Cast aside this notion of some external agency as the source of inconceivable inhumanity – the sad truth is our possession of an innate proclivity towards indifference, towards deliberate denial of mercy, towards disengaging all that is moral within us. But if that is too dire, let’s call it evil. And paint it with fire and venom.”
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