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Default Re: Rank every comic book film - where do the Spider-Man films fit in?

Originally Posted by Oscorp View Post
Was a nice touch to me. I admit that I didn't like it at first but I have no problem with it anymore.
I meant the accent,I saw expecting something which would send chills through the body.When the Villian is pure evil,his voice should be like that

Sorta like William Dafoe's voice for GG

He broke Batman.
I meant his acting,He didnt do anything extraordinary with the acting imo

I agree here with alot of what you say and I have had the same problem with all of Nolan's films (that I've watched). He relies heavily on chance and luck to the point that it sometimes feels ridiculous and far fetched. All of that to make everything seem smarter than it is and epic. Alot of what Joker managed to do looked clever but was very much based on luck. It's not a huge issue I have because sometimes you have to go that route to make it flow nicely and feel epic, but it doesn't always work for me.
Except that with TDK you had to think long and hard after the movie to deduce the flaws while in TDKR they were right in the face
Except that Bus thingy,there was a glaring flaw in the joker's plan

The "Take control of your city" was connected to the longer speech outside the Blackgate Prison. He means that the ordinary citiziens should take back the city from the rich and corrupt. It was all part of this whole "revolution" agenda he used to give the people false hope.

Bane wanted Gotham to die a slow death. Like he said to Bruce in the prison: he's a torturer of the soul. It's worse to die slowly and painful than quickly. However I must admit that it felt too much like an easy way for the writers to give Bruce all this time to build up himself. It didn't feel natural. It's very much like that typical stereotype villain who, when it seems like he has the upper hand against the hero, starts to unnecessarily brag about his whole plan, instead of just giving the final blow and be done with it, just long enough to let the hero come up with a way to defeat him.

So I understand why it feels lazy to some and I might say too that it felt a little lazy. But it still worked fine to me.
The fact that he planned to die along with the city made his plan absolutely terrible
Ra's Al Ghul's legacy was to destroy a corrupted city,not getting himself destroyed aswell
The 'Slow torture' thingy made some sense with an individual like Batman but for the whole city it was a terrible idea

I also like when villains have memorable deaths but it made alot of sense how Nolan chose to kill Bane. Actually, I really like his death because it showed that no one, not even the biggest and baddest, is immortal. I felt there was alot of thought put into his death, no matter how simple and "easy" it looked.
Dont kid yourself,it was just a quick way to get him out of the way to concentrate on Talia

He's one of the most intimidating CBM villains out there. His whole presence was badass.
Genius plan? Well, up until he decided to let Gotham breathe for 5 months it was pretty genious.
Great back story? I actually loved the backstory and how it was a mystery until the very end.
Action was much improved in TDKR I'd say. But the action shouldn't be anywhere near Spider-Man for example because they are so different. It's not possible to have the same spectacular action.
I don't know what you mean with legacy. It probably won't have the same impact as TDK but that's because it follows in the same vein already. But it will be remembered as one of the few good final film in a trilogy, that makes the trilogy as a whole one of the first great ones.
Him crying,getting killed so easily and the whole sacrificing-himself-for-Talia thingy destroyed the little bad-assness he had associated with himself
I agree his plan seemed excellent for a little time,the way he destroyed Batman and took control of the city along with the football field scene was great,but what followed after was plain rubbish
The Backstory is a mystery till the end,but that doesnt mean it was good.There was nothing epic about him getting beat up for a little Girl and then the father casting him out despite him being responsible for saving his daughter life.The the way Talia narrated made him worse
'His only fault was that he loved me' *Facepalm*

By Legacy I meant something like the Goblin's legacy in Raimi's trilogy,but thats alright since TDKR was the last movie

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