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Default Re: Rank every comic book film - where do the Spider-Man films fit in?

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
I loved the accent even. Gave Bane a sort of distinguished, older sound since Hardy's Bane was supposed to be at least twenty years older than Talia.
Its more important to have an accent which would sound intimidating for a Evil Villian than to make him sound older

Broke the Bat, uncovered the Dent lie, brought martial law to Gotham.
I meant that Tom Hardy's acting wasnt anything extraordinary
Untill after the football field scene,everything he did was pretty epic,I would agree to that

Nolan's writing of making the villain assume everything. The same happened with Joker and how his plans went flawless and yet no one questions how that happened because we only see Ledger's Joker and not how he's able to get by with so many things and no one apparently notices, lol.
As I said before,except that Bus coincidence,none of the other flaws were so glaring

Quote: is Bane getting Ra's al Ghul's plan upside down? Didn't Ra's himself want to sacrifice himself as well?
I dont think so,Ra's never meant to get himself killed

Plus, seeing as how only Talia escaped that pit in years and years since its creation, I could understand how no one believed Bruce would have escaped the Pit.
Thats what makes it terrible
Seeing how a 10 year old escaped it on her first try while 100s of burly men are unable to do so.Its incredibly stupid to show that a 10 year old can climb and jump better than adult men
And the fact that Talia escaped is enough to point out that it isnt safe to Batman in there and assume he wouldnt be able to escape.That a huge flaw he Bane's plan right there

Lol, once again, not lazy writing. You're confusing lazy with rush. Bane died quickly, yes, but it wasn't easy and showed what kind of fire power had to kill this monster that was in this film.
Look up the word 'Unceremoniously'

And no...Talia was not the 'main' villain. If that's the case, Venom might as well be called the main villain in Spider-Man 3 since the film built up to him.
Yeah its safe to assume that the Symbiote/Venom was the main villian

And with Talia calling him a friend, that's all I need to know that they were not lovers, nor could they ever be if Bane could never keep that mask off for a certain amount of time, or would it be odd that someone much older would be in a relationship with Talia when he protected her at a very young age. They were only friends and Talia was Bane's real-life Osito.
Again you need to assume all this
Also you saying Bane's 20 years elder to Talia means that Bane's over 50 since Talia is about Bruce Wayne's age which is easily over 30

Intimidating? Yes. Did anyone else break Batman in the series? Has anyone else snapped so many necks throughout the film?
The way he talked was hardly intimidating
Yes he did break Batman and that was pretty badass,I would give him that credit

Great back story? Enough of a backstory as much as Selina Kyle to understand where they're coming from that turned Bane from a monster to a real human being during Talia's reveal.
Their is nothing great about him sacrificing himself for an 8 year old and getting cast out by the father

Excellent action sequences? Two very well fight scenes against Batman.
Just alright

Yah, makes sense...not. The filmed scenes that weren't used would have only made up about twenty more minutes.
And we have nothing to suggest that those scenes would have made the movie as good as the novel

It's called theatricality.
Its called lazy writing
I could say the same that Joker could have blown up the two ships as soon as Batman tried to stop him, but Joker was trying to show off as much as Bane and Talia was.
Unlike Joker,Bane was not a maniac,he was supposed to be master planner
Joker wanted to prove that when the odds are against you,everyone will turn into a monstor and how he just ahead of the curve

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