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Default Re: Characters you'd like to see in future Avengers movies?

On future characters...

1. Black Panther: Minus some of the troublesome and outdated aspects Marvel's portrayal of African culture.

2. Vision: But without the density shifting BS. That aspect never did make sense to me. I'm a little torn about the Pym-->Ultron-->Evil Vision-->Good Vision creation chain. On one hand, if the upcoming Ant Man movie does not focus on Ultron, then when can we expect to see Vision? On the other, getting Vision while skipping Pym/Ultron altogether doesn't quite feel organic.

3. Pym/Janet: Presented without comment. Well, scratch that... no Giant Man, only shrinking. I get the feeling that the whole becoming-a-giant aspect of Pym was merely a contrivance since a guy who's only power is to become really tiny was simply not interesting/superhero-y enough to generate enough comic book sales. I trust Edgar Wright enough to make Ant Man compelling enough.

4. Dr. Strange: But more because it would make for a compelling solo movie than Dr. Strange playing well with Stark and co. I would also like for a logical exploration of his powers and their limits. Else this would just play as Strange ex machina.

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