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Default Re: The Better Version Of Superman II

Originally Posted by BlueLightning View Post
The only thing that bothers me about the Donner cut is the time traveling at the end. I know that the original intention was that the "earth spinning" scene was originally meant for the second film, but then Donner would have to come with a different resolution for the first film. It is a messy affair. Still it is a Deus Ex Machina that renders futile the events of the film, a thing that I didn't like in the first movie, and here it is worse.
Think of it has something completely alternative , where the first movie ended up a little bit differently . No earth spinning. He is saved by miss teschmacher , intercepts the missile and ends up freeing Zod. If you recall the cut , Donner shows us exactly this actions. Its like his own new version of the first one. We start from a slightly different point than the end of the first one. Its the way i see it

It's a shame he wasnt able to create his complete vision of both movies. Both of them ended up suffering a little bit.

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