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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part 7

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
I suspect he won't look all that different from the way he did in the other 2 movies. After people being so upset that they haven't seen him, they'll finally see him and be like. That's it? He looks just like he did before! lol...

although perhaps he'll have on a not so regal prison outfit through some of it.... other than that, just some tweaks to his previous costumes I would assume.

I'm hoping January will bring something official like some a set picture or two or artwork but certainly not until after the holidays.
yeah, we've talked about this before too haha. I agree, he probably won't look MUCH different, and it is probably a mere coincidence that he hasn't been around yet.

Most likely it just so happens that people near set haven't been around for a scene when loki was filming, cause we know he's been on set obviously

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
Nov. 8 .... so far away!
think of it this way...remember when it was october? It's now almost January

*sound of crickets*

Erik wasn't there either for that matter. Although he probably needed to have a lie down after trippin' out on the Tesseract for so long.

on a separate note though, I do agree and think we should get art work soon. I am dying to see Kurse.

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