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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters: Official Discussion - Part 7

Originally Posted by theman View Post
well i feel bad cuz i paid ebay "scalper" prices but i couldnt wait for these darn things to become available. but i will say it is AWWSOME finally haveing the batsignal all complete! i know this is old news to everyone but i was late in the game. i still have a bunch of the MM figures on the way, but the catwoman came in today and the last piece i needed, and so heres a few pics of my collection thus far. the fact the signal actually WORKS and not just a prop is just amazing. im really happy with mattel here. i also love there Ghostbusters line, the bat signal is like the ecto containment unit of their batman line. unexpected, but certianly welcomed. the batpod i thought was brilliant enough, but THIS is just....beyond words. too cool. the figures have just been improving over time since the 2008 TDK movie masters. im so happy they may an alfred! they really included just about every important character and suit from the trilogy. very happy. of course there are certain figures i feel arent really needed, like batsuit with bruce wayne head, or the blake figure or police officer joker. but most of the figures are great.
Well, don't pay ebay scalper prices for grey trench coat Gordon. The walmart exclusive is going for big bucks these days.
I do recommend Blake however. He played a big part of the 3rd film.

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