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Default Re: General Star Wars Episode VII News/Speculation Thread

Originally Posted by TheWatcher View Post
Digging the avvy Kane, thanks!
I was gonna use that one! Oh well!

Originally Posted by dude love View Post
Just you wait. Just all you wait. Mwahahahaha, mwahahaha!
I like to be optimistic about it too, but who knows...

Originally Posted by Bim View Post
Enjoy! u too, Doc. I love the bonus features as well

Dont care for that Katie chick after reading her comments pfft
I still haven't opened it yet hehe, I have this thing about how nice new opened things look lol. But I must watch them! Looks like I'm going to have a marathon of all the things I haven't watched....Alien Anthology, LOTR Extended Trilogy, Star Wars AND Indiana Jones! I'm gonna to become smelly with all this watching...

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