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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances? - Part 1

Originally Posted by DACrowe View Post
Never said that. Just commenting on how since they moved to ten they need a blockbuster usually. While Argo, Lincoln and likely Les Mis and SLP are all going to be hits (or already are), none are THAT mainstream blockbuster. Though this year is so strong, it may not matter.
I think SkyFall has the best chance of filling that blockbuster slot. Bardem is up for a SAG so he should get a supporting nom and I think that he could drag the movie with him. I'm not confident that
SkyFall is going to get in because it's a James Bond movie but it sure has so many things working in it's favor that I wouldn't be surprised to hear it's name come nomination morning.

Honestly I'd be surprised if TDKR gets nom because there are so many other Oscar Friendly films that they could nominate, the movie was well recieved but not as well recieved as TDK, the Academy obviously don't love Nolan and it's not like it was the highest grosser of the franchise or highest grosser of the year.

SLP only cost 20mil to make so I'm sure nobody is going to lose money but the handling of it's release is ****ing ghastly and pisses me off. I think it's box office and Oscar potential has been damaged because it's being treated. like a ****ing art film and it isn't. It is a fantastically acted, quirky romantic comedy. My audience really liked it because it is an entertaining crowdpleaser, it isn't The Master and the studio treating it like it is, is a stupid move.

Rant Over

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