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Default Re: What would you have done differently with Arrow?

Originally Posted by Syncos View Post
Well, you can repeat your opinion all you want, It's not going to change mine. I loved her on Supernatural. There's no where for her to attempt to act, unless the writing gives her a chance. They're not going to just change the actress now, so it's probably best if you get over it. or at least temper your hatred.
I dont expect you to change your opinion, Im only saying I disagree. If you see otherwise thats alright. Im not trying to persuade you, just making you understand my opinion.

She is a mediocre actress IMO, thats will only kill this character if not recast soon. Im not hating on her lol, I dont hate her, its critisism of her performance and Im not going to "get over it". I'm going to continue critiquing her performance until she gets better, which likely wont happen because the girl has never been a good actor and isnt one!!!. So its until they get someone new. Recasting is not an unusual thing btw. Better writing will not make up for teribble and weak acting, sorry it wont!!, works more effective when you already got a good actor. She already got some good material in some few episodes and it hasnt made up for the crap acting. Some actors on this show have crap writing too and they still are good actors.

If the showrunners of this show want to salvage this character, they will accept they made a mistake in casting, they will accept this is a MISCAST, that the actress is weak and start quickly looking for someone new soon, someone who has good acting chops and the right fit for the character. Then they can also make some changes in writing before or after recast, doesnt matter which order . As long as they RECAST. That the number one thing they need to fix.

I realise you disagree and thats OK. I dont say things to score points, just how I see it and what I think will benefit the show.

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