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Default Re: Character Battles DOFP

Originally Posted by NanaT View Post
I vote Gambit. He has shown a lot of potential with his powers in origins and would the added bonus being he could attack from afar so colossus wouldn't be able to touch him.

Angamb let it go. If you are losing the fun then don't visit this thread. You're constant complaining is starting to become tiring. I've already told you that all battles are selected randomly.
sorry to read that... I dont complain just for complain, I just wanted to share my opinion, like I always use to do. no bad intentions here, believe me. I dont want bad energy between superhero users, and least with me, lol

I mean, I LIKE this topic, and want to take part of it, but I guess I dont know the rules yet, I mean, is this mostly about x-men and a few villains? or about ALL the characters of the franchise to date?

I found it kind of sad that both Cyclops and Magneto were there very first battle, and to know Scott is already out of the game, you know... he is one of the strongest characters, so I personally think he should have been kept for a later battle, the same with Eric. just a thought. not just to complain

Ill have to accept that, and hope to have more fun in the upcoming days

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