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Default Re: One Earth: The Marvel/DC RPG


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The Baxter Building

Reed sat inside Sue's lab, watching his wife as she observed magnified blood cells on a plasma screen. She talked and showed him a tiny spot inside the cell's gene structure. He didn't hear her words, instead his mind was focused on the events of last week.

"Reed," she said, snapping him out of his trance. "Honey, are you okay?"

"Sorry," he said with a small smile. "Just lost in my thoughts. Thinking about what Victor did."

"What happened again?" She asked, furrowing her brow. "I remember the time travel, but the rest is fuzzy..."

"I know. The events have been fading from my memory ever since we corrected the timeline. But it's not so much about the specifics, as it is about the larger aspect. The fragility of it all, and how things seem to rest of a knife's edge. One big move, and it all crumbles."

"Come on, now, Reed, I think you're being a bit melodramatic with that. The world isn't that bad."

"Actually, Susan Storm-Richards," a voice said from behind them. They turned and saw a figure behind them.

"Things are more desperate than either of you could imagine..."

Both Reed and Sue leaped back in surprise. Sue began to form an invisible construct and launch it at the intruder. The large creature blocked her construct and sent it away with a wave of his hand.

"I mean you no harm. I am only here to talk."

Reed stepped forward, shielding Sue with his body as his hands began to contort into dangerous shapes. "Who are you?"

"My name is Uatu. I am the Watcher. And we must speak now. The hour is growing late and the fate of this planet hangs in the balance..."

"Why?" Sue asked, stepping out from behind Reed. "Is it Victor again?"

"No. The threat does not lie on the Earth, but it travels towards the Earth. The Devourer and his Herald are nigh."

"Where are we?" Reed asked the large, bald humanoid that called himself the Watcher. He and Sue were standing with him, looking out at the expanse of the galaxies that made up the cosmos.

"We are in my watchtower. From here, I can observe the entirety of creation. It is where I have watched things come to pass. It is here that I watched the big bang that created the universe, and it is here that I will watch and record the final heat-death of the universe. I watch. It is my purpose. I watch and record."

"Just watch and record?" Sue asked skeptically. "If that's the case, why are we here with you?"

"Because, the outcome of the next few days will prove paramount to the survival of the universe.. Humanity, for all its flaws, is worth saving. In six days, I will watch a mighty crisis affect Earth and I will stand by and record the destruction of your home planet. Humanity will take to the stars to search for a new planet. Of the 6.8 billion people on Earth, only 2 million will make it off the planet before it is destroyed. The Fantastic Four will not be among them. I will record humanity's arrival to a new planet twenty years later, hardship and suffering will dwindle their population down to a mere 250,000. The human race will toil on this planet, bitter isolationist who resent any outside lifeforms. This cannot happen. The Fantastic Four must live, the Earth must survive. Humanity must take its place in the stars among the other old races. It is paramount to the rest of the universe."

"How do we stop whatever it is you said is coming? This.. Devourer thing?"

"The Great Devourer. It will not be easy, but fights for the things most precious to us are never easy."

"But do you know how to stop it, whatever it is?"

"Yes," the Watcher said, slowly nodding his head. "Believe. Believe in each other, believe in yourselves. You each have the tools necessary to defeat the Devourer and his herald. Look to the stars as well, the Devourer's history will show you how to defeat him."

In a flash of light, Reed disappeared. Sue looked around, confused, as the Watcher reached down at laid his hands on her stomach.

"You're four weeks along. You have not told your husband yet, have you?"

"I found out today," she said quietly as she looked up at the Watcher. "I was going to tell Reed tonight."

"Promise me this, Susan Storm-Richards, promise me if the Earth looks like it will be defeated, you will run. You will leave the planet and protect your unborn child. Your husband, your brother, your friend.... they are all now expendable. The child is what matters."

The Watcher pulled his hand away from Sue and offered her a small smile.

"His name will be Franklin."

Then, in another flash of light, Sue disappeared from the Watchtower.


Orion Nebula

The garden planet known as Syncord 4 was once a healthy and populated world, filled with animal life of all different kinds. Now, 96.8% of the world's population were dead. Only a handful of living creatures were still alive, although they only had a few minutes remaining.

Gasping for oxygen and trying to navigate through the smog filled air, the large bird stomped across the barren ground. It gave out a loud yelp when it saw the massive figure in the sky. The large object blotted out Syncord 4's sun as it began the final stages of the process. The process, know as consumption, was only five minutes long. In that time, the figure drained Syncord 4 of the few natural recourses it had left. The large bird fell to the ground soon after the start of the procedure, its lungs gasping for oxygen after what little air the planet had left was sucked from it.

The figure detached from Syncord 4's orbit and left as the planet, now nothing but a dry and empty husk, collapsed on itself and turned into rubble. The figure navigated through space, setting a new course across the galaxy. Once the location was set, a silver projectile flew from the figure and disappeared into hyper space as soon as it was clear.

The figure floated through space, preparing to slumber and convserve energy until it was time to make the leap. The herald would send word and when it did, Galactus would make the leap to its next target.

The course was set. In one of the Milky Way's outer spiral arms sat the star system known as Sol. It was the third planet from the star that had the Devourer's eye.

Earth, as it was known locally, was teeming with sentient life. It had been years since it had devoured a planet with life that wasn't anything but animals and bacteria. It was the planets with large populations and self-aware lifeforms that made the best conquests. Galactus prepared for its sleep with only one thought on its mind:

Earth would make a fine meal indeed.

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