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Originally Posted by Evelisse View Post
I recently got a Wii U and don't really know much about it, but shouldn't I be able to go download old nintendo games from my childhood to play on this? I see the words Virtual Console around here and online, is that what that is? Is it not working?
The Virtual Console is not yet up for the Wii U's eShop. In order to use the Virtual Console, you need to go to the Wii Menu and go to the Wii Shop Channel and you can access the Virtual Console from there. You will need a Wii Remote and a Classic Controller as well. I will say though, I'm getting kinda miffed that there is no Virtual Console up for the Wii U. My Wii System Memory attached to the Wii U is almost full thanks to all the VC games I have on it and I'd rather use the Wii U's hard drive to store my games on it as opposed to the few memory blocks I have.

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