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Originally Posted by ClarkLuther55 View Post
People can think whatever they want about the quality of the movies, but arguments based on the logic of the movies should be supported by the facts.
All of that was supported by facts.

The first batch of clones only came online during AOTC.
This is never mentioned in the movie as it stands. Regardless however, then why couldn't Palpatine just pose as a Jedi and collect his army? Even in the original script the name was Sido dias (Sidious) and it was to be revealed in Episode III, but the name was changed to Sifo because of a typo and Lucas rolled with it. Also why didn't he execute Order 66 or whatever when Dooku was going to kill all of the Jedi in the Arena? Theres just so many ways you can point out how pointless the Clone Wars were.

There's no unified galactic army, but the Republic apparently had a lot of power that it wasn't willing to use to good effect. The Trade Federation was scared of the Republic in TPM, and ended up facing prosecution after that movie.
Again not explained in the movie. How does the Republic have power without an Army? How many times in history has that worked out?

Padme wanted a peaceful resolution to the issue, which would probably result in the Separatists laying down their arms and talking things out as members of the Republic. After all, she is a loyal Republic Senator. I seriously doubt "let them secede" was her agenda.
Padme wanted a peaceful resolution...and the republic at that time had no army, while the Separatists were amassing a massive droid army, lead by a group of people who wanted to build a "Death Star". Why didn't Palpatine just use the droid army to take over the defenseless republic (and yes they were defenseless, this was the whole point of the emergency powers and the immediate approval of the army.) Not to mention why would Padme assume Dooku was the one trying to kill her? As I said before he does not know that Dooku is in on Palpatines scheme or that Palpatine is evil. If she really thinks this guy wants war, then why would she think he would be a target, when she is currently opposing the creation of a military. Her intentions may have been peace, but that doesn't change the fact she was blocking the bill, she even complained to Anakin about how she "didn't fight to stop the military creation act..." That whole thing defies all logic.

The Separatists don't act like the Empire though. They're Separatists. They're not even united, but call themselves the "Confederacy." They don't want the whole galaxy, they want to be independent and take what parts of it they can.
This isn't in the movies, in the movies they are a group of bad guys who want to build a death star, have a uniform stoic army, and are lead by the sith and an evil cyborg...they are pretty much the empire. Also what are you talking about, they stormed the capital and took the leader of the Republic hostage, they are called the Confederacy but all else in the movie indicates otherwise.

The war destroyed the powerful corporate armies that would resist his central dictatorship. It built up the Republic Army that turned into the Imperial army. It changed the Republic socially and politically, so that the people would willingly embrace Palpatine when he declared himself the new dictator.
These people were trying to build a Death Star and they attacked the capital and kidnapped it's leader, you think they weren't trying to control the galaxy? Also what were Dooku's motives, he was obviously under the impression he would be Palpatine's right hand man. He could have easily just done what Anakin did and killed all of those idiots who were following this hooded hologram they don't know in another stupid scheme.

Peace treaty with Dooku? That's not uniting the galaxy under his own rule. That's giving half of it away.
Palpatine is Darth Sidious, he's fighting a war with himself, signing a treaty with his apprentice is not giving half of it away, he's still in charge, only this way he has both of his armies to over throw the galaxy. It's a much simpler solution than fighting a 3 year long war with himself.

All of it's in the movies, like I explained above.
Almost none of that was, maybe in the novelizations, but in the movies as they stand none of this is explained.

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