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Default Re: One Earth: The Marvel/DC RPG

A crack has formed.

A crack has formed and put into motion events that cannot be stopped.

For all of eternity I have sat, waited, and guarded against something of this magnitude happening, but I have failed in my one responsibility. Something or someone has hidden their intentions and their plans from my site, something I thought not possible.

And now a crack has formed.

A crack has formed and I see the rush and flow of energies from one universe to another. Reality is bleeding, and those that should have never met are meeting.

The flow will rip through the worlds, unraveling everything perceived like a ball of yarn rolled down a hill, until all that remains is chaos. This cannot be undone. Like a hurricane baring down on a village, there is no stopping it. The only thing to do is to man the ramparts and try to limit the damage...and then rebuild.

A crack has formed. And it is widening.

Visions dance in front of my eyes as reality bleeds. I see all that will happen and all that has happened.

I see the dawn of time, a battle the rages through eternity.

I see fifty fall, and the devourer conquered.

Against impossible odds a leader will rise to claim his birthright.

And in the end, one brave, immaculate soul will sacrifice themselves in hopes that reality will not falter, and darkness will not reign.

A crack has formed. And I can no longer sit idly by and monitor the multiverse's progress. Action must be taken. Armies must be formed. Our defenses must hold.

A Crisis is beginning.

And it must be stopped at all costs.

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