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Originally Posted by BenKenobi View Post
This is never mentioned in the movie as it stands.
Uh, yes it was. It was stated onscreen that it takes ten years to grow the clones to adulthood, even with accelerated aging. We see many clones still at child age, and undergoing training and education. They even said "200,000 units are ready, with a million more well on the way."

The first wave of the clone army was barely getting operational during the movie. This was no momentary thing, but something that was hammered through quite clearly.

For someone who complains about the movie so much and seems so sure of yourself, you really don't seem to understand what was going on.

Regardless however, then why couldn't Palpatine just pose as a Jedi and collect his army?
Who says he couldn't collect his own army? Obi-Wan discovered it, by accident and before it was fully ready. The events of the movie made it so that the Jedi did the collecting for him. The war got started a bit earlier than he had planned due to Anakin and Obi-Wan's meddling.

Also why didn't he execute Order 66 or whatever when Dooku was going to kill all of the Jedi in the Arena? Theres just so many ways you can point out how pointless the Clone Wars were.
The Clone Wars were supposed to drag on, in order to destroy all obstacles to Palpatine's total rule, and unite the galaxy with fear and hatred so that they'd openly embrace his militaristic dictatorship. That was only one of the main themes of ROTS.

"So this is how liberty dies. With thunderous applause."

Again not explained in the movie. How does the Republic have power without an Army? How many times in history has that worked out?
Obviously they have other forces, like the Jedi. And that ship that carried the Jedi in the beginning. And all the military forces for the separate planets, of which Naboo's was considered a weak one. They just didn't have a unified federal army that they were willing to deploy efficiently.

Why didn't Palpatine just use the droid army to take over the defenseless republic
The droid army works for greedy corporate interests. The Separatists do NOT want to conquer the galaxy, only take what parts of it they can before seceding.

The Trade Federation and those other corporations were allied with Palpatine's secret Sith identity, but he couldn't even appear to them in person, only as a hologram. Do you think that's what Palpatine wants? To hide away and probably take lots of crap in his real identity, while getting in only some occasional words as a hologram?

Palpatine wants total control of the entire galaxy, as the god emperor of everything.

Not to mention why would Padme assume Dooku was the one trying to kill her? As I said before he does not know that Dooku is in on Palpatines scheme or that Palpatine is evil.
Dooku wants to fan political extremism and rile people up to secede from the Republic. Padme was a voice of reason who wanted to lower the level of conflict and get everyone to peacefully talk their issues out, AS members of the Republic. It's not that hard to see why she might be an obstacle to his agenda.

It's not like extremists have ever assassinated opposing or moderate politicians in real life, right?

This isn't in the movies, in the movies they are a group of bad guys who want to build a death star, have a uniform stoic army, and are lead by the sith and an evil cyborg...they are pretty much the empire.
So you ignore the very name Separatists, as well as all the mentions about their objective to "secede," and just insist again that you are right without any evidence? Because clearly, having droid soldiers (which the Empire didn't use) or big weapons makes them the Empire?

I mean, America had nukes, and the Soviets had nukes, so Soviet = American going by this logic, right?

You can't just put your foot down and insist again on things like that while expecting people to just accept your word as complete truth. I see why the others in this thread have had a problem with you insisting on your opinions as fact. Act like that and we have nothing to talk about.

These people were trying to build a Death Star and they attacked the capital and kidnapped it's leader, you think they weren't trying to control the galaxy?
Kidnapping a leader = "control the galaxy"?

Why didn't they occupy Coruscant? Why didn't they try to conquer everything, instead of "secede" as they kept saying they were?

If you're going to talk about the facts of the movie, you have to deal with the facts. You do not get to customize your own version of things.

Also what were Dooku's motives, he was obviously under the impression he would be Palpatine's right hand man. He could have easily just done what Anakin did and killed all of those idiots who were following this hooded hologram they don't know in another stupid scheme.
So he kills off all the Confederate leaders and outs himself as a traitor...before the war was over and Palpatine was ready to declare himself Emperor?

Palpatine is Darth Sidious, he's fighting a war with himself, signing a treaty with his apprentice is not giving half of it away, he's still in charge, only this way he has both of his armies to over throw the galaxy. It's a much simpler solution than fighting a 3 year long war with himself.
So he gives away half the galaxy to his apprentice and a bunch of corporate jerks who he doesn't have complete control over, thus making himself look like a weak and pathetic Chancellor and probably getting thrown out of office. Awesome.

EDIT: Make no mistake about it, a "peace treaty" would be a clear Separatist victory and a Republic defeat, since the Republic's entire objective is to remain whole. This would make Palpatine look like a weakling and a loser, not the hero who people happily accepted as their new emperor.

Also, the Senate and not the Chancellor himself would have to approve a treaty. That's the way it is in real life and in TPM. So your idea is for all the loyal Republic Senators to just surrendur and give up half the Repubic? Why would they agree to that?

Almost none of that was, maybe in the novelizations, but in the movies as they stand none of this is explained.
Funny, because I've never read any of the novelizations. Sounds like this "novelization" thing is just your easy way of dismissing anybody you don't agree with.

The others were right. I can see that you're just a person with strong opinions that he insists are facts, in defiance of the actual facts. Pretty much a waste of time to talk to you if you carry on like this.

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