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Default Re: What would you have done differently with Arrow?

Unfortunately, I don't think what you've commented thus far really counts as 'criticism' as you haven't really explained yourself. You are right that what you've said thus far is an opinion. However, it's just that and everyone has an opinion. More importantly, not everyone's opinion is equal. It's how one explains or rationalises one's opinion that really matters and count as 'criticism'. Otherwise, your opinion just simply isn't qualified.

Yes, you've said that you feel that she's a weak actor because you thought that her performances weren't good. But that statement is completely meaningless. Of course, you would think so. You wouldn't very well be saying she's a weak actor if you thought her performances were good, surely? What's important here is why you felt her performances weren't good as that would determine whether your statement has any merit and/or makes sense.

For instance, I could say "I can neither understand nor accept your opinion" but that would a pointless. Instead, what I should do is say "I can neither understand nor accept your opinion because you neglected to explain it.".

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