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Default The Reboot Joker

It's quite obvious that what happened with Heath is a tragedy and many believe that the Joker should be "retired" in honor of the stellar performances he has already received. I disagree completely. The Joker is the anthesis of Bats, a trilogy (or saga, or however films the reboot will be) would simply ring hollow without the Clown Prince making an appearance. So I have some questions for you:

What Film Should He Be Introduced In: If we are talking a trilogy, having him introduced in the second film in Arkham and then escaping to wreak havoc in the third would be rather interesting.
Origin: I honestly believe no origin is necessary for this character. The Red Hood story could be done in flashbacks at most, but really if his origin is just left a mystery it makes the character all the more terrifying.
Harley Quinn: Absolutely! It's about time Harley hit the big screen!
Funny or Dark: Both! Nicholson did a great job representing the comedic side of Mr. J, while Heath brought forth a terrifying mass murderer; blend the two together and you have the perfect arch-villain!
The Look: This is probably the question I am most interested in you guys answering. After seeing the comic book look of Nicholson and the deranged make-up wearing psychopath of Heath, I can only wonder what the next Joker will look like. I think ditch the makeup idea, have his skin actually be white (or maybe even REALLY pale), have his hair be a dark, almost black, green, and I think his eyebrows and eyes should be black and brown. He should apply eyeliner and lipstick to pronounce his theatrics.
Relationship with Bats: This is also a huge point. I think the idea of Joker totally depending on Batman should be really brought to the table in the reboot. Have the character portray that he genuinely believes him and the Bats are the best of friends. Possibly to an almost homosexual extent, before you raise red flags, consider Raoul Silva and Bond, just toned down a bit.

Also, time for Todd to die. Let's have Joker kill Robin this time around!

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