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Default Re: Why did the League of Shadows want to destroy a peaceful city?

The only thing that Gotham did was lock up all those involved in the mofia world. They still have a corrupt society, just that it deals in the field of white collar crime, which an be harder to prosecute. In BB, Ra's tells Bruce that they tried a different approach to destroy Gotham, economics. In the movie, Dagget's motive is about money and he uses that to obtain power. The scene where bane kills him demonstrates this when he thinks that giving bane money should give him leverage over bane. Also, his attempt to takeover Wayne enterprise with the help of bane.
Bane wanted to prove he was better than Bruce and that that Ra's was wrong by excommunicating him by destroying Gotham. Talia had the same conviction as her father and would gladly die to see come through. She and her father believed Gotham was beyond saving and no matter what Bruce or Gotham did would matter. Bane did not feel the need to sacrifice himself. I.E., when bane tells Bruce that he has too kill him and that he would just have imagine that the bomb exploded and everything; this was meant for bane to leave or find a safe place from the blast.
Lastly, the dent act was corrupt from the beginning since it based on a lie and the people would not have supported it if they knew the truth about Harvey dent.

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