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Default Re: Ben Kingsley is The Mandarin!

Originally Posted by pr0xyt0xin View Post
تحلل dissintigration
قوة ساحقة impact
برود ice/snow
لهب flame

google translated some common Mandarin ring words into Arabic. It could be as simple as that tbqh. They aren't clear enough and my knowledge of Arabic isnt good enough to be sure.
I think you're definitely on the right track with this post... Each ring has a story and a meaning to go along with it. The disintegration ring might not be covered in this movie, but each ring represents one of his powers.

In one interview Feige said the rings are still the source of the Mandarin's power... Even if it's as simple as explaining how each part of his network (each ring) will allow him to overthrow the globe--explaining how he intends to use each symbol of power.

Look at it this way: one of his powers is fire. Firepower aka Jack Taggert. As well as the military forces he intends to hijack..

Another is his Coldpower, the ice/snow power, which represents Coldblood who's been given the nerve neutralizer from Iron Man 1. Coldblood (and by extension Mandarin) can freeze people's activities/nervous systems with this appropriated tech.. Stane was developing it for the Mandarin through a Stark subsidiary as a prototype. Mandarin has links to Stane and knows that this power is still effective even though Tony escaped it once. As an archaeologist Mandarin learns from the past. Although Stane's attack failed, Mandarin improves on it. Intends to outdo his ancestors/predecessors (including some of Vanko's plans/designs...) The version of the neutralizer seen in the first movie was only effective at short range. The one Coldblood uses has a wider range, and eventually Mandarin uses it and the news to reach a global audience... He caught Loki's performance, improves on his techniques of ruling too, wants a bigger audience, and knows how to manipulate the news networks. They're on the scene during the attack on Stark's mansion. Mandarin intends to have everything under his control. He plants a virus in extremis and wants to make robotic techo soldiers who are programmed... Not brainwashed or mindcontrolled... This will come into play later. Coldblood is a cyborg-slave sort of thing--unlike Winter Soldier who's only been brainwashed by the Russians and given a bio-mechanical makeover... Coldblood's programming runs deeper. Much more effective than Loki's control over his audience. As I believe Kingsley's performance will be...

The Mandarin believes only technology can lead us... This is his form of anarchy. AIM has possession of the ultimate weapon/form of technology. An A.I. that once it goes global can use the world's airforces and new toys to protect from any attack from space... and much more. They've codenamed this AI Ultron and are trying to sell it to USA and China as a good thing after the events of New York. Of course we know this AI will be a very bad thing the second we're introduced to it at AIM's main facility. In this movie Jarvis interacts with it more than Stark and it's left open for sequels(and prequels because Ant Man would still occur in the past with Pym & Lang).

That's why both Coldblood and Firepower end up working for him in this story. They symbolize his ice and fire powers. His main weapons.
The synopsis says that the Mandarin's "reach knows no bounds". I think this is a slight indication that he has his fingers in a number of groups/terrorist organizations, and even many different cultures, as some have theorized. Each ring that he controls is an extension of his power, and they act like his supervillain powers. They're like his powers from the comics. The rearrangement of matter ring symbolizes Killian... Who creates Extremis. Which becomes only one of the Mandarin's powers & an extension of his control. His mento-intensifier ring that gives him the power to control others might have been heavily altered--this theme/power is almost central to the movie. Controlling things. On the other end we also have AI/Stark representing the other side of the story... tends to have a mind of its own.

Part of his lessons involve neutralizing enemy forces, stripping them of their weapons/technology/power, before invading and overthrowing.
He does believe that Stark is a threat to his plans--that Stark has defenses built up that need to be tested and stripped away first...

The combination of what each symbol represented to him showed him how to take over the world using each piece (he claims his empire will actually free the world, but AIM shows all intent to rule it). They're a part of his past and he talks about what each symbol taught him. Although ultimately he uses advanced science to express the power of each symbol/ the power locked in some of the rings... He has 10 powers like the comics. His lessons unfold in an Art of War like way as he describes how each symbol of power will allow him to create his Empire. Neutralizing the other superpowers is a big part of that lesson. He needs China and USA out of the way first.
He may intend to force them wipe each other out... force them to neutralize each other.

Each ring is tied to a power/element theme. The disintegration could be as simple as Mandarin's intended disintegration of society. Or something more...

This wouldn't be Marvel if the rings did absolutely nothing/held no meaning... They care about their characters more than that. Even if it's a movie version.
The rings have to mean something. They're a big part of his character.
Feige had to have meant something by indicating that they're still the source of his power.

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