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Default Re: What would you have done differently with Arrow?

Well, I do have some reasons, whether or not they will carry any weight. I will say them anyway. Some I already said in my other posts, sort of.

First thing is its just something thats visible to me. Being a miscast or being a weak actor its something one can tell off the bat, or after a few scenes, regardless of whether the writing is good or not. One can tell if someone is a perfect fit or not.

Ok next is when I compare to the other actors on the show, she is kind of one of the weakest actors with like two others. The actress has one note facial expressions, and doesnt always have the right expression for the situation. With scene with other actors/characters, there is a wide gap there in performance. For a lead actress its just so bad.

She lacks range in expressions & acting , and is just unconvincing as a lawyer. Thats just bad casting there and terrible acting. I could go on, but really, its just visible Imo.

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