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Default Re: The Better Version Of Superman II

The Lester cut is better because it feels more complete, plus I never found it to be a bad movie to begin with. The Donner cut is not exactly what we would have gotten if Richard Donner hadn't been fired. There's a screen test in place of a real scene, there's bits using stand-ins and old footage Frankensteined together (not unlike Selutron's cut), and some tracks are overused.

The best cut would mostly leave the Lester cut as is, but use the Jor-El footage in place of the Lara stuff and also use the Donner version of the final fortress confrontation (which leaves out the finger lasers, the cellophane S, and the teleporting/hologram stuff as well as the Hackman body/voice double). I would also leave out the Daily Planet scene with Lois jumping out the window because I feel it doesn't work without Donner's Niagara Falls stuff, which only exists as screen tests. So instead of that, the Paris rescue, the kid falling into the falls, Lois jumping into the river and Clark tripping into the fire.

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