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Default Re: Michael Jackson II: Legendary Redux!

I hadn't seen this movie since I was 6 years old so let's go down memory lane with my revisitation with the imported Blu-Ray version:

Man In The Mirror - Such a great song. Very inspirational. I can see why Michael would make sure it was first thing people would experience to get them to help make the world a better place. Its amazing to see how packed Wembley Stadium was. No wonder MJ was arguably the most famous man in the world!

Retrospective - Snippets of Michael's rise to fame through his music from his Jackson 5 days all the way to Dirty Diana. Its basically a tribute and now its a morbid coincidence.

Badder - Something for the kids.

Speed Demon - I'm not a fan of claymation, but when Michael was being chased by the fans & members of the press, it looked like he was having fun. My favorite part of this was when the rabbit version of himself challenged him to a dance-off. Some really cool stuff there!

Leave Me Alone - I was never too crazy about this song, but it easy to understand why Michael would put it out there.

Smooth Criminal - This is where the real start of the film is. Here we see Joe Pesci playing a drug dealer and later are introduced to Michael donning his iconic white gangster outfit. I always loved Smooth Criminal and it was great how Michael was able to extend the song. My favorite part of the film, the one scene I always remembered, was when Michael turned into a Transformer probably because it was the coolest thing to see as a little boy. When I watched this scene again, this time in High-Definition (the soap opera feature on my HDTV turned on), again it was awesome to see how...smooth (yes, pun intended) it looked when The King Of Pop went into a murderous rampage on all those armed goons to save those kids.

Come Together - Good song chosen to bring the show to an end. Michael's cover was well done.

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