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Default Re: Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate VIII (Team Frenchie Edition)

Originally Posted by Zatanna View Post
It always irritates me when this thread goes from discussing Miranda/Talia/Marion to talking about how great Anne was and how Selina is Bruce's perfect "soul mate" or how "organic" their courtship was (HUH??). Sorry, it just really irks me, because there are threads for that.
Just saw this post. Uh, sorry my earlier post seemed to have bothered you. My point was that I think there is an intentional contrast between the way the Bruce/Selina and Bruce/Miranda's relationships are portrayed. It's not about one being better than the other, I'm just saying Bruce and Selina's natural chemistry and Bruce and Miranda's "lack" of chemistry is very much a part of the story. Miranda is like the girl your parents are trying to set you up with (like Alfred and Lucius are), while Selina is the cooler girl he actually has the hots for. Pretty simple.

I won't go so far as to use word "soulmate", mainly because I think Bruce and Selina would roll their eyes at such a concept, but I do think they make a great pair and balance each other out in a lot of ways.

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