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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part 7

Originally Posted by Brian Braddock View Post
Hell yes.

Imagine Doug's surfer zipping round in space against the Chitauri ships in the Avengers movie; would have looked awesome. Even better - imagine that it would have eventually led to a Surfer/Thanos fight.
If that happened I would be pretty much in fandom heaven, but I would really like to see a Defenders movie also in a similar fashion to the way they put together the Avengers. As they could easily introduce Valkyrie in the Thor movies (possibly even Black Knight) and Dr. Strange will be getting his own movie soon enough. As for Namor (or possibly even Namorita) well there was talk a while ago about doing an underwater Star Wars when it was still with Universal, but that doesn't mean Marvel couldn't pick up the ball and run with it. Then Hulk could return to his solo movies and do an Avengers Trilogy before joining the Defenders making room for other characters in the Avengers roster. So, I am not suggesting this would be something I would want to see happen right of way, but it would be a dream if something like that could happen and develope slowly over the next 10 years time, with of course ideally Marvel regaining the rights to the Fantastic Four and Silver Surfer along the way. Creating a Fantastic Four Film of their own while reintroducing the Silver Surfer to the public and this time with Galactus being done in a proper manner, which of course in my dream leads to a Silver Surfer solo series and his inclusion in the Defenders movie.

So, I have my fingers crossed that Fox screws up and can't get the movie into production before 2013, which is when I believe the rights will revert back to Marvel. So, here is hoping.


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