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Originally Posted by ClarkLuther55 View Post
Don't understand the complaints about Anakin being stupid for getting "tricked" into becoming Darth Vader. It's in keeping with Original Trilogy canon.

Lest anyone forget, Palpatine expected to convert Luke after a mere few minutes of taunting. Luke had NO allegiance to Palpatine, no history of repressed anger and resentment comparable to what Anakin grew up with. Palpatine's offer to Luke basically boiled down to "I'm gonna kill your friends now so you might as well side with the winners!" Compared to that, Anakin's seduction was FAR more believable. No wonder it worked on him, and not on Luke (although even Luke still came VERY close to falling to the Dark Side).

ROTS Palpatine is a tempter and manipulator. ROTJ Palpatine is a raving maniac.

The Original Trilogy makes it clear that using the Force is a two way street. Just as a person can use the Force, the Force can take over a person. Which was why Yoda was so big on the idea that once you fell to the Dark Side, "forever will it dominate your destiny." Falling to the Dark Side is virtually demonic possession, which a person becomes vulnerable to when he allows his anger to go uncontrolled.
Very interesting comparison between Luke and Anakin. I had never looked at it before that way. I don't agree with your take on ROTJ Palpatine however.

He wasn't a raving maniac. He was still a tempter and he was trying to goad Luke into turning to the dark side. He also offered Luke a chance to replace Vader, who up until this point had been the bane of Luke's existence, the man who had cut off his hand, the father who had killed one of his real father figures in Obi Wan (and perhaps could be charged with Owen and Beru's murders too), tortured his sister, and threatened his friends. Up until this point, Vader was the guy who haunted his dreams and Luke didn't see too fazed by the Emperor, which prompted Yoda's warning to watch out for him.

If anything ROTJ Palpatine was more of a boaster, overconfident, and really rusty at the manipulation game. But he never raved.

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