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Default Gods and Men 2.0: My Sword & Sorcery "Treatise"

For those who have had the pleasure (or unfortunate luck, if you prefer) to get to know me, know that I have a love for the Sword & Sorcery/Fantasy RPG genre. No example is more greater for this than the massive undertaking by SuperFerret and I a few years ago in the creation of Gods & Men.

Though the RPG showed, and held, immense promise it sadly never took flight. Looking back, maybe it was just too detailed for it's own good. The Hype RPGs as we know them, or at least as I see it, seem to thrive more when their is less "restrictions" on the players. In other words, the vast majority of "fleshing out" of the game world, and expanding on the basic backdrop, is left to the players to do.
Again, this is where I think the entire "DM mentality" Ferret and I were under when creating it may have helped set up the game's eventual demise.

So consider this thread my proposition of an attempted revival of the fantasy genre to our beloved Basement RPGs. Here is my proposal for a Gods & Men 2.0, if you will, with a basic rundown of the world, races, magic, monsters, pantheons, the other dimensional planes of existence and all other things pertaining to the gameworld I am proposing.

All critiques, suggestions, and debates on the game's premises are welcome, as the only way a fantasy RPG will survive on this board, I feel, is if everyone is able to put forth their opinions on the material that's being presented.

Over the course of the next few weeks I will be posting my ideas for the basic concepts of my idea. I'll wait a bit before posting each part of my basic scheme to allow comments and criticisms and suggested tweaks.

Before getting into things, know that I have no expectations of this concept being up for approval any time soon. This is merely to help get dialogue going on a potential game, and, as mention in the above paragraph, to help tweak and "fix" any concepts I present to make them more compatible with the potential player(s).

Without further adieu I will start with the first part of my Gods & Men 2.0 proposal, the gameworld...

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