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Default Re: Comic films you think should be rebooted?

I think Spiderman could do with a reboot in maybe 5 years or so. Give the franchise some time to breath and the audience at large time to forget, get it back under Marvel's in house control and go from there.

I'd also love to see a reboot of Ghost Rider, but I can't ever see it being a huge success no matter how well done the movie is. Sadly, a flaming skull motorbike riding spirit of vengeance just doesn't do it for most people. Personally I think it's freakin' awesome but it doesn't have the same appeal as more relateable superheroes.

The main one for me, which will obviously happen sooner or later, is Batman. I'm hoping for a more light hearted sci-fi friendly take this time around. I don't mean I want Adam West and Burt Ward running around on screen, but something that doesn't take itself quite so seriously as Nolan's trilogy would be great.

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