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Default Re: Shailene Woodley IS Mary Jane Watson!

Originally Posted by RemixNinja View Post
Questions over Mary-Jane:
1. Should she see the "jackpot" line?
2. Be Gwen's friend?
3. Dating Harry?
4. Know who Spiderman is?
5. Be recasted, since they haven't started filming?
1. Not line for line but it'd be cool for it to be in there in some form.
2. I think somebody on here had the idea of Gwen being MJ's tutor, then after Gwen's death Pete takes over. That'd be an interesting route perhaps.
3. Maybe, I could see it happening and then she falls for Peter - one of the motivations for Osborn to go GG.
4. No not at first, once they're together probably will happen.
5. Nope. I'm very confident Shailene will hit the jackpot. (I'll get my coat.)

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