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Default Re: The INTERVIEWS Thread (Cast and crew)

Originally Posted by BMM View Post
Rothman had something to do with the story. Who do you think approved it? Kinberg and Penn wrote the script within the parameters and notes given to them by the studio. They have been very vocal about this. Rothman is even the one who came up with the idea of including the cure storyline and ran it by Jackman for Jackman's approval. I believe it's even discussed in the DVD commentary that Rothman, deferring to his daughter's judgment, is the reason Rogue takes the cure.
Isn't it terrifying how studios think they know better than the source material, and how they didn't even see what the first two films were setting up (Phoenix Saga)?

The cure plot also caused some controversy. Although it's been featured in the 90s animated series (where it was linked to Angel and Rogue, as in the film) and in the comics (Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men), a lot of people felt that it had a right-wing slant that was typical of Fox/Murdoch.

The message was not of acceptance (of oneself or others) or of being unable to change nature, but rather that mutants (and their allegorical counterparts in the real world = gay people, ethnic minorities) were diseased, unnatural freaks who would volunteer to be 'normal' (Rogue) or have the cure forced on them against their will.

It brings to mind the real-life tale of renowned codebreaker Alan Turing - the father of computer science and AI - who was given the option of hormone treatment or prison when the authorities found out he was homosexual (which was then illegal, back in the 1950s). He committed suicide.

So i'm not sure the cure storyline was handled in the best way (particularly with Rogue taking the cure, or with Xavier's total lack of a stance on the issue). Young girls today would definitely do what Rogue did but, nonetheless, it went against the film's central themes.

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