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Default Re: Comic films you think should be rebooted?

The SPIRIT. The recent movie was an abomination of Eisner's character. It needs to be totally redone....and done right this time. Denny Colt has NO special recuperative powers ala Woolverine. Denny Colt has NO special pheromone power over women. Denny Colt DID NOT really die and be brought back to life by the bad guy.

The GREEN HORNET. The recent movie was another screwing over of a classic character. Britt Reid is not a moron. Britt Reid is not a child in a pudgy man's body. Britt Reid is not a moron. I repeat, for the movie producers who have never ever in their life read or watched anything pertaining to the Green Hornet....Britt Reid is not a moron.

DAREDEVIL. I personally liked the Ben Afleck movie (especially the director's cut)....but he will not be returning to the role. So restart it anew.

SWAMP THING. The first two were campy fun....but not great movies. They need to be redone with less humor and camp and with more creepy eerie spookiness.

Depending on how the new SUPERMAN movie does....I would like to see another SUPERGIRL and STEEL movie made. I think they should be originally introduced in the course of a Superman movie though.

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