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Default Re: Gods and Men 2.0: My Sword & Sorcery "Treatise"

I know you do. I love me too.

So...any thoughts or questions about the basic world set-up and/or idea?

I know I took some liberty with history in setting it up, such as making Leonidas II the legendary King Leonidas' (of Thermopylae fame) grandson, and making Apollonius a Roman instead of his native Greek (excuse being he was born in Tyana when Rome ruled Greece, thus he was, technically, born a Roman).

I kept the lands of the other races out of it, focusing solely on human kingdoms and the like.
Figured I can touch a few of the kingdoms of Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, etc when I get to the handful of major races later on (partly also wanting to wait until hearing some feedback of the basic game world).

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