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Default Re: Discussion: The Economy, Fiscal Cliff, National Debt, And Other Financial Issues

Originally Posted by Fading View Post
It is frustrating that our elected representatives (on both sides) would first let our credit rating take a hit, and now let us face an uncertain economic problem (for lack of a better word as it's not quite a crisis) over party line pride. If we go over this, I hope there's a major shake up in 2014. That if enough of them get voted out that it sends a clear message that the people are sick of obstructionist politicians who can't get anything done, and take more vacation days than they work.

Even if they come to a deal Monday, it will still have been another case of needing a ton of pressure to do their job. Personally, I think Boener loses his speakership for this (Reid should lose his leadership as well, IMO). He alienated his caucus, they wouldn't vote on his plan. I think it shows he's lost all power to bring his side to the table. Obama, despite making a few pleas, isn't showing great leadership skills either. He does atleast have a re-election, and the support of a majority of citizens (according to election day polling) to back up why he's not budging as much this time. Unlike Boener who is just an island to himself right now, at odds with the Dems, and his own party.

I know the tax hike will affect everyone, and stocks will plunge from uncertainty (though they probably will anyway this late in the game, deal or not). People on unemployment will probably feel the squeeze first though. Side note, I saw a graph on the news of popularity, congress is lower than watergate Nixon, and the US turning communist, lol.
Who? Sorry bud, but I don't see 3rd parties gaining any power house slots in 2014. Maybe make some noise, but I dunno. You think more R's and D's in power...please. They got us into this mess, you expect them to get us out? Please...

Originally Posted by Paradoxium View Post
Yeah, it looks bad on it should. Only a 0.5% increase...only $900 more a year in pay...but still...wrong message.


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